Plain Closed Abaya

Abayas are iconic and timeless garments that hold great cultural significance. They are not only a symbol of modesty but also a fashion statement for many women around the world. Closed abayas have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their elegant and sophisticated design. 

We'll explore the beauty, versatility, and where you can find the perfect closed abaya to match your style. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or simply looking to embrace your culture gracefully, this article is for you. Let's dive into the world of closed abayas together!

What Is Closed Abaya?

Closed Abayas are nothing more than traditional Abayas, closed with buttons or worn as dresses. These full-sleeved robes are usually worn over other clothes like abayas. 

Most of the time, when people ask for Abayas, they are looking for closed Abayas. The closed abaya is the most religious and conservative option for women because an open abaya shows what is underneath the robe, like an abaya.

Styling Tips For Closed Abayas

Closed abayas, also known as "traditional" or "classic" style abayas, have a closed front covering the entire body. For closed abayas, here are a few styling tips:

Layer it:

It is expected to wear closed abayas over long-sleeved shirts and pants or maxi dresses. You can also keep warm on colder days by layering.


Add a sash or belt at the waist to make your closed abaya more stylish. You can also accessorize with a scarf, earrings, or necklace.

Use A Hijab:

A hijab worn with a closed abaya can add more coverage and elegance.

Add A Jacket:

A jacket or blazer can add sophistication to your look when it's colder.

Choose Comfortable Shoes:

If you're wearing a closed abaya, choosing comfortable shoes that won't get caught in the hem is essential.

Experiment With Colors:

You can experiment with other colors to make your closed abaya look more unique. However, black is the most traditional color.

Choose The Right Size:

Choosing the right size for your closed abaya is essential due to discomfort and difficulty moving around in an ill-fitting abaya.

You can wear a closed abaya stylishly and elegantly if you layer it with other clothes, accessorize, wear a hijab, add a jacket, choose comfortable shoes, and experiment with colors. Remember the culture and customs of the place you wear the abaya, and dress modestly and respectfully.

How To Choose A Closed Abaya?

Traditional abayas symbolize modesty, elegance, and cultural heritage. Choosing the suitable abaya for every occasion can be exciting yet challenging, whether you wear it for religious reasons or enjoy its timeless appeal. You are offering a variety of styles, fabrics, and designs. For you to make the right decision, you must consider a variety of factors.


The design of an abaya should be elegant, sophisticated, and fashionably modern while incorporating the latest trends. Be sure to choose designer abayas with bold prints, rich textures, intricate embroidery, intricate beading, and Swarovski styles.


When it comes to purchasing an abaya, quality should never be compromised. You should choose lightweight, durable fabrics, such as high-quality silk or satin while keeping their shape and color over time. It is best to avoid cheaply made materials as they will only last long.


You should always feel comfortable wearing an abaya throughout the day without feeling restricted. In summer, choose breathable fabrics like cotton, which allow air to flow so that you stay cool. Ensure the cut of your clothes skims over your figure without being too loose or tight around your hips or arms.

Size & Fit

Finding an abaya that fits perfectly is tricky at first but worth the effort in the end! Women have unique body shapes, so finding an ideal abaya can be challenging. You will save time if you know your size before you shop online - this will prevent you from returning pieces that do not fit!


Designer abayas are versatile clothing worn day to night effortlessly, depending on how you style them! With just a few quick changes, they can quickly go from casual lunch dates to evening events with ankle-length skirts or front-open shirts!


When investing in an expensive designer piece, ensure the piece is easy to care for and store away safely to prevent wrinkle issues. If you want to wash delicate fabrics like lace, choose materials such as chiffon that can be machine-washed without special treatment.

Customization Options

In most designer shops, customers can customize their desired garment according to their needs, such as fabric choice, fit alterations, etc. Buyers can select precisely what they want without compromising on quality standards set by designers (no matter how well standard sizes fit).


When you buy from a well-established designer, you get much more than an off-the-rack product. A handmade piece is crafted from techniques developed over time by experienced artisans passionate about creating something utterly unique. This makes them genuinely special garments worthy of becoming heirlooms for generations! 

Final Words 

A closed abaya is popular among women who prefer a modest and elegant style. This abaya provides full coverage with no front opening, allowing for a sleek and streamlined look. Whether attending a special occasion or simply going about your daily activities, a closed abaya offers style and comfort. 

With a wide range of designs, colors, and embellishments, you can find the perfect closed abaya to suit your taste and preference. Embrace the beauty of modest fashion with a closed abaya that reflects your individuality and showcases your unique sense of style.